Aunt Launie’s Time-Out

Time-Out 1On Saturday night, I reached my first achievement for LH Event Group. I started, enjoyed, and finished my first event. From what I have heard, everybody who attended had a great time. Since I put a huge effort into it, I was very happy to over-deliver. My two biggest priorities for the event were 1) that Glenn Anderson, the featured hockey star, was comfortable and 2) that my guests had a wonderful time. I’m happy to say that my mission was accomplished and I was able to enter Sunday with a feeling of contentedness. I’ll be writing more about the event later on the LH Event Group blog.

When I woke up on Sunday, my event was over. That particular project was complete so I didn’t do any work yesterday. I haven’t read an email or Facebook message since late Saturday night. That might sound like a standard Sunday for some people but that’s not the way my Sundays are. I do believe in “lazy Sundays” because I truly think that everyone needs one day per week to refresh, regroup, and recharge. Our world is so fast and full of pressure that, for the past few years, I’ve made a commitment to relaxing on Sundays. I tend to stay home but I don’t totally disconnect. I sometimes read emails and, once in a while, I reply. That’s the only work I usually do on Sundays.

I’ve broken my Sunday commitment over the past few months, though. In my last post, I wrote about starting LH Event Group and it’s been consuming a lot of my time. It’s been rare that I’ve gone to sleep before 4:30am over the past few weeks. I know that the sleep I’ve gotten hasn’t been restful because even when I’ve been asleep, my mind was still working on some level. Sundays have been a work day, just like any other day of the week.

Yesterday, I put myself in time-out, to benefit myself as well as my sweet niece. I checked Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but I didn’t really read or reply to anything that had to do with work. I didn’t even think about work. I spent several hours at my sister and brother-in-law’s house celebrating my niece’s second birthday. The celebration actually started on Saturday with her party but I didn’t feel like I was 100% present at her party because my mind was, partially, on Saturday night’s event. Yesterday, though, was totally focused on my niece. I played with her, laughed with her, took some silly selfies with her, and had fun. She took my hand and we walked around their property, she showed me her birthday presents, and she made funny faces at my camera.

Time-Out 2

I’m a blogger. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m an event planner. I’m a social media consultant. I’m an Internet marketer. I’m an Aunt. I often wear many hats but yesterday I was just Aunt Launie. At one point during the evening, I told my niece to look at the sky and I said it was so pretty and calming. She looked at me like I was crazy. What two-year-old admires the sky when there is a remote control car to race? Of course, our attention quickly shifted back to the car! That was my state of mind, though. I was relaxed.

I’m so happy that I was able to attend my niece’s birthday party AND spend her actual birthday with her. Her birthday was made even sweeter (for me) knowing that making her laugh was the only thought on my mind. Happy 2nd birthday to my big girl!

It’s well into Monday afternoon and my time-out is over. Back to work I go!



Introducing LH Event Group

Introducing LH Event Group 1New ideas swirl around my mind all the time. A little over a year ago, I had an idea that is now called LH Event Group. The idea for LH Event Group stemmed from my love for hockey, event planning and organizing, and social media. I wanted to hold sophisticated events where people could meet their favorite athletes, musicians, actors, etc. at enjoyable, chic, and intimate venues.

I’ve met a lot of hockey players in a variety of situations. There are some events where you stand on line for hours, get to the front of the line, and then have 30 seconds talking to the athlete. Other events offer more one-on-one time between the athlete and his fans. Usually held while watching a hockey game, the latter events offer sports and fun in social settings.

I have ideas for events that are very different from the ideas of the businesses that already exist. I saw this as an excellent opportunity! I seized the opportunity and called Glenn Anderson, six-time Stanley Cup Winner, former New York Rangers player, and Hockey Hall of Famer. I asked him if wanted to do an event with me and he did! LH Event Group was officially born.

I’m happy to say that the event is scheduled for Saturday, April 12 at The HAT Tavern in Summit, NJ. We’ll be watching the Rangers’ last game of the regular season as they play the Montreal Canadiens in Montreal. Tickets are available online or at the door (Note: There is an increase in price for tickets purchased at the door and they are CASH ONLY.). Please join us for an evening of watching hockey, socializing, networking, and laughing with GlennIntroducing LH Event Group 2 Anderson.

If you’d like more information about this event, here are links:

If you’d like to connect with me at my LH Event Group social media accounts, here are links:

Of course, you’ll still be able to find me here, as always! I hope to see many of you on the 12th and I’ll DEFINITELY see all of you here soon!



Gatorade Magic

Gatorade Magic 1It’s either been three or four weeks since I first got sick. I don’t even remember how long it’s been since I’ve had this sinus/ear/throat/gland/head issue. I usually run to the doctor pretty quickly so I decided to wait a bit this time. Of course, I made the wrong decision. Within about a week, my cough and sinus pressure were out of control. I finally got antibiotics from my doctor to treat the sinus infection.

I took the medication as prescribed. I also took NyQuil, DayQuil, cough drops, and a variety of other cold, sinus, and flu medications. I also took some suggestions from friends: tea, honey, vinegar mixes, etc. They did nothing for me but the antibiotics definitely helped. By the end of the seven day prescription, I was able to breathe a bit better through my nose and I was no longer going through a box of tissues a day. The clogged ears and cough were still terrible, though. About a week after I stopped the antibiotics, I had a pretty thorough exam. I got a few different medications and started them the day after they were prescribed.

On the day they were prescribed, I didn’t have time to get them filled at the pharmacy because Henrik Lundqvist (New York Rangers goalie) was being honored at Madison Square Garden before a home game. I really didn’t want to miss it but I didn’t feel well. I wound up going to the game and promised myself that I wouldn’t leave the house again until I was better. I had fun at the game but I felt awful the whole night. I usually get up and socialize in between periods but on Monday night, I stayed in my seat the entire evening. I couldn’t even get up to get a bottle of water. I felt like every bit of energy had been sucked out of me and on the train ride home, I had to hold my head in my hands because it was throbbing in pain.

The next morning, I started the prescriptions from my doctor and, over the next few days, I tried everything possible to get rid of the headache. If it was on the shelf at CVS or Walgreens, I tried it. I tried drinking extra water. I tried extra caffeine. Nothing was helping. I still had my cough and coughing made my brain feel like it was rattling in my skull. The pain was pretty bad and I didn’t know what else to do.

Then I remembered something that was said during a CPR class I took as a teenager. During the class, someone went off topic and asked the EMT what to do in case of a hangover. The EMT said that, as long as it’s not alcohol poisoning, the only thing that truly helps is time. However, he also added that drinking alcohol is dehydrating. When you are dehydrated, your electrolytes become unbalanced. When your electrolytes are off balance, your headaches intensify. He said that, aside from time, Gatorade helps, too.

I tend to crave Gatorade when I’m sick so I asked my father to get me a few bottles and he brought me three or four 64oz. flavors. I didn’t cut back on the water I was drinking (probably about 40oz. per day) but I added 64oz. of Gatorade per day. My headache pretty much vanished! As long as I’m drinking Gatorade, I can keep the headache under control. As I begin to feel it creep back, I drink another 10oz. or so.

It all makes so much sense to me so I wanted to share this with you. I’m NOT a doctor, though, so don’t take this as medicalGatorade Magic 2 advice! Even though I drink five or six glasses of water per day, my body got dehydrated from my cold/virus. It’s pulling the water that it needs to adequately give my brain and heart enough fluid. Other parts of my body, though, are not getting enough fluid so my pH levels are abnormal. Therefore, the electrolytes in Gatorade are the “magic potion” for restoring my pH levels and facilitating fluid absorption. The electrolytes in Gatorade help my body absorb the fluid SEVEN times faster than if I were drinking just water. Do you think I’m crazy? Read this for more of an explanation.

At this point, I’m taking the medications prescribed by my doctor and drinking as much Gatorade as I can. I’m not forgetting about the water, though! I know water is very important but I’m grateful that Gatorade is working its magic!



Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

May you have Saint Patrick’s Day luck,

May you have Saint Patrick’s Day glee.

We might not exactly be Irish,

But you can still kiss Raegan and me.

Saint Patrick's Day 2014

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

XO- LH (& RH!)


Lazy Sundays

Lazy Sunday 1It’s 3:30am and, until a few moments ago, I was fighting with my web hosting service. It doesn’t seem to want me to create a new website. I was getting frustrated since I have a time budget for this website. I gave up, hopped over to Twitter, and happened to see a tweet saying that taking one lazy day per week reduces stress, high blood pressure, and chances of stroke.

I already know this and wholeheartedly believe in having one lazy day each week. They’re not really lazy days, though. They’re days to read, reflect, recharge, regroup, renew, and relax. I don’t think of any of those things as being lazy because, in the long run, they benefit my wellness. We live in a world where people are on the go 24/7 and I think it’s very important to take one day, out of every seven, to chill out.

For years, I’ve had “lazy Sundays.” It’s a nice way to end one week and start another week, at the same time. It takes a lot for me to commit to plans on Sundays because I really enjoy having the day to myself (andLazy Sunday 2 with Raegan). I hang out at home, catch up with friends on the phone, take a look at all the articles I bookmarked during the week but didn’t have time to read, spend much more time outside with Raegan than on other days, hang out with any family members who may visit, watch hockey, and a few other activities below.

As I decided to stop the battle with the new website tonight, I thought about the other things I enjoy. They might seem little but they’re really not. They’re the things that, at the end of the day, week, month, year, or life, I’ll hope I savored enough.

I take the time to…

  1. enjoy puppy breath (This is easy for me to do if there’s a puppy, or even a grown dog, anywhere near me.)
  2. spend time in the fresh air and then stay outside for an extra few minutes
  3. drink coffee with less urgency (CAFFEINE! CAFFEINE!)
  4. go through old photo albums
  5. Lazy Sunday 3take photos of “ordinary” experiences
  6. sit in the family room with my parents and watch whatever they’re watching on TV with them (No complaints!)
  7. frolic with my dog and if she wants one more run around the yard, we’ll have one more run around the yard
  8. take a nap (It’s really OK; the world will be here when I wake up.)
  9. treat myself to my favorite snack
  10. nourish myself with some healthy fruits and veggies
  11. read, read, read, and read some more
  12. journal (or blog) my thoughts
  13. take a long bath (or at least deep condition my hair in the shower)
  14. reach out to at least one friend in need
  15. handwrite thank you letters to people who help me (doctors, vets, vet techs, friends, clients, mentors, etc.)
  16. organize all the photos from my phone onto a system that won’t lose my precious memories
  17. listen to music and dance, sing along, or do whatever it is that calms me (or energizes me, depending on my mood)Lazy Sunday 4
  18. exfoliate (at LEAST once a week, to take care of my skin)
  19. release worry, if only for short periods of time
  20. daydream and let my mind take a vacation

I’m pretty good at knocking off most items on this list but I struggle with a few (Hello, 10, 17, and 19!). I could probably also work on 6 (I just get so bored by what my parents watch that inappropriately slipping right into 8 might happen). The rest of the list makes for a wonderful Sunday.

On my day of “doing nothing,” I look forward to completing the 20-item to-do list above! Happy Sunday to you all. I wish you lots of rewards from finding the activities (or lack of activities) that rejuvenate you.



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