The Joy Project – Day 9

The Joy Project - Day 9 1I have been so busy with manual labor that I didn’t have time to write blog entries for a few days. Yes, that’s right…manual labor. :) I’m still writing 30 blog posts for The Joy Project in 30 days but I’m playing a bit of catch up today! What brought me joy on Wednesday was something that also brought me physical pain and exhaustion!

The air conditioning here went out several days ago but not before it flooded the basement. A new furnace and entirely new A/C unit needs to be installed (in addition to new carpeting in the basement and part of a wall). My bedroom was unbearably hot…to the point that I was actually worrying about Skylie since she was panting quite a bit.

Coincidentally, every time I walked by the guest room, I kept thinking about how I liked the furniture in there more. As I thought about it, it made sense to switch rooms because the old guest room also has a ceiling fan which is a huge help in keeping cool. Additionally, there is a queen bed versus the full sized bed in my old bedroom.

I was excited to “move” into the new space because I like it a lot more. I started moving EVERYTHING…clothes, office supplies, coats, the content of my closet, shoes, etc. I also had to move all that same stuff from the former guestThe Joy Project - Day 9 2 bedroom into my former bedroom. It was basically doing a swap of the content of both rooms, with the exception of furniture. It was a HUGE project!

My shoulders ache from carrying and lifting items. I was sweating from the heat. Skylie had no idea what was going on but she happily followed me between the 2 rooms all day long. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I can’t even count how many armfuls I carried. In the process, I got rid of about 8 huge garbage bags of items I no longer need as well as junk that I accumulated over the years. It’s nice to rid my space of a lot of clutter.

Now I’m in the “new” room and it feels so much better. Yes, it was tedious and time-consuming but it brought me joy to make the change!



The Joy Project – Day 8

The Joy Project - Day 8 2I had to be at a business meeting by 9:30am today which meant I had to leave home by 8:45am. I heard my nephew in the house and I thought it might be neat if I let him pick out my outfit. At the very least, it would keep him busy and I’d get to spend a few minutes with him.

He came upstairs and I explained the meeting to him. I had to get dressed up but not TOO dressy. I had my slacks picked out so he had to select my shoes and my top. I put two tops on my bed and the choice was, at first glance, easy. He chose the blue top. That didn’t surprise me because he loves blue. When I gave him the responsibility of choosing the color of my new car, he chose blue so I know that it’s a common preference of his (and yes, I really did get a blue car because that’s what he wanted :) ). He quickly changed his mind, though, and decided that I should wear the pink top. Done.

We went to my closet and I’m not really sure what I was thinking but I told him he could pick any shoes. I don’t know if I did something subconsciously that led him to my beaded kitten heels or if he just thought the beads were cool but he wound up choosing the exact shoes that I would have chosen. Great! I had my outfit.

As we turned around towards my bed again, he looked at the tops. He decided that the blue shirt was actually a better choice. I asked him 3 or 4 times if he was sure and he was positive. I should wear the blue shirt. I put onThe Joy Project - Day 8 1 my blue shirt, black slacks and beaded shoes and was just about ready to leave the house.

I grabbed some work papers, my bag and a banana for the road. I kissed my nephew goodbye and was on my way. It was only when I got to my meeting that I realized that in my rush to leave the house, I had apparently draped my wet blue bath towel through the strap of my bag. I meant to hang it up in the bathroom on the way down the stairs but, no. During the chaos and confusion of a 2 year old dressing me, I brought my wet towel with me! I guess it’s worse to bring something extra than forget something…like pants, right? I was wearing pants so it was all good. :)

Having my nephew help me was loads of fun! I knew he’d make good choices. :) We had a great time together this morning. You, my darling JHD, are my joy!

-Aunt Launie


The Joy Project – Day 7

The Joy Project - Day 7 1This week went by pretty quickly and I can’t believe 1 week of The Joy Project has already passed. 23 days of joy and blogging to go! I was talking to someone earlier about this project and something we noted was that as time goes on, I shouldn’t have to “look” for joy. It should be a lot less complicated and the joy will be found along the way. It will just appear during day-to-day activities

I’m very serious about taking care of Skylie. I think most people know that. I’m an over-protective dog Mom and I go to great lengths to advocate for her (and for previous pets). It’s my responsibility but it’s also my privilege and honor.

Skylie had a (routine) vet visit this afternoon. We walked in and Skylie was soooo happy to be there! I loved seeing her with her tail up and wanting to say hello to everyone. She got weighed first and she’s exactly 15 lbs, 3 oz. I have no idea why that made me proud but it did. I guess it’s because the last time she was weighed at the vet, she was only just over 9 lbs. My little girl is growing up! She’s pretty much done growing and this weight/size is absolutely perfect.

It brought me joy to see her step onto the scale and sit perfectly. We practiced that in obedience school and I was so happy that her learning paid off. She had no fearThe Joy Project - Day 7 2 of the scale at all. I didn’t expect her to but some dogs don’t like new surfaces or stepping onto things. Skylie had no problem and I was thrilled to see that!

I was also happy to see that Skylie made other people smile. The ladies at the vet’s office hadn’t seen her in a while so they fussed over her quite a bit. What pet parent doesn’t love that?! Let’s face it…we all love it! When people fuss over our pride and joy, it makes us happy. :)

Even though going to the vet in and of itself wasn’t necessarily a particularly joyful thing, there were lots of little elements of joy that came with it. I was able to see those and…enjoy them! :)



The Joy Project – Day 6

The Joy Project - Day 6 1I enrolled Skylie in a Puppy Kindergarten class shortly after I got her. We took the 8 week course, had a week off and continued with our training school’s Basic Obedience class. That course was also 8 weeks long so we had a solid 16 weeks of training under our belts before Skylie was even 7 months old.

On Basic Obedience graduation day, we received our diploma and the teacher gave a speech about future training. I believe the next class at the training school is called Off Leash Wonders. The teacher said, “The class is a fabulous class and it will reinforce, off leash, everything that we learned in here.” She went on to say that 2 dogs in our class, in particular, would do great in Off Leash Wonders. I didn’t have to ask but it was heavily implied that the others should probably repeat Basic Obedience. Skylie was in that “others” group. :) It’s not really a surprise because Skylie was, by far, the youngest dog in the class. I actually had plans to repeat Basic Obedience, anyway, to give her some extra time to mature.

So…my birthday was about a month ago. I didn’t know what I wanted as a gift so my parents were holding off until I came up with something that I really wanted. I had a few different ideas. First, I wanted some fun “going out shirts.” Then I wanted a new, comfy bed for Skylie. Finally, today, I decided what I really wanted. I wanted to get the ball rollingThe Joy Project - Day 6 2 on continuing Skylie’s education.

As my birthday present, my parents gave me the “tuition” for Skylie’s Basic Obedience refresher course. Since we already went through the 8 week Basic Obedience, this course is only 6 weeks. Skylie has an excellent obedience foundation so I think 6 weeks should give us the time to fine-tune some of the things we have learned.

It brought me so much joy to sign up for the class. Knowing that I’m going to have an activity to do with Skylie every week that will wind up making both of our lives easier is a good feeling. I’m also happy to be doing something productive that will, no doubt, only strengthen our bond. In addition, the class itself will bring me joy and the gratification will be almost instant because our first day is this Wednesday!!

The big question is…what will Skylie think about more schooling and having to put on her “listening ears?” :)



The Joy Project – Day 5

The Joy Project - Day 5 1This post is going to be short and sweet. Since yesterday was such an exhausting day, I wrote Day 4′s post this afternoon. Once I publish this, I’ll be all caught up. :)

The one thing that brought me the most joy today was sleep. Skylie, who rarely sleeps through the night, was so exhausted from yesterday that not only did she sleep through the night but she slept until 11AM! When we both first opened our eyes at 11AM, I started going through emails on my phone. Skylie actually fell back asleep until about 11:30AM. It was a miracle!

That didn’t do the trick, though. We were both still tired. I don’t know if the rainy and dreary weather had anything to do with it but all we wanted to do today was snooze. Skylie is usually up and about playing with her toys but today was all about napping. It was so wonderful to not have anywhere to be or anything to do. It was very pleasant to turn off my brain and doze all day.

I didn’t sleep straight through the day, though. IThe Joy Project - Day 5 2 watched some TV, read a bit on my iPad (A Dog’s Purpose) and caught up on Facebook and with Skylie’s blog. I didn’t get much more than that accomplished and it was totally fine.

It’s about 11PM. Skylie and I are in bed, ready to sleep. Actually, Skylie IS asleep. Her eyes shut as soon as her head hit the mattress. I could be upset that I can’t party until midnight anymore without taking 24+ hours to recover but, instead, I’m seeing the joy in the relaxation of a nice, uninterrupted day of napping!

I know I haven’t been myself lately but let’s hope I don’t need 2 days to recover from a night out! Goodnight, everyone!



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