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It’s Yoga Time…Please Check Your Cell Phone, Laptop, iPad, iPod, etc. at the Door!

I drove out to Yardley, Pennsylvania today to visit my friend, Kimberley Kelley DeZutel, founder of Yogalocity. When Kim began Yogalocity in July, our friendship expanded to include lots of conversation about social media, entrepreneurship, business development, branding and monetizing a passion. I wanted to talk to Kim today, business owner to business owner, about her vision regarding social media use. Kim, recognizing that I don’t take enough for myself to relax and “power off”, wanted to give me a yoga lesson and teach me some fundamentals to pique my interest in the practice.

Last night, I thoroughly prepared for my session. I searched online for images of my “perfect yoga spot” so that I could try to take my mind there during the lesson. I chose a poolside setting, complete with lounge chairs, a gazebo, beautiful palm trees and plenty of space to practice yoga poses. I carefully picked out my outfit because I wanted it to be just right. OK, I admit it; I bought a new outfit for the occasion. I even conditioned my hair more thoroughly than usual but, looking back, I have no idea why I thought that doing so would have any impact on my yoga abilities. In a nutshell, I felt as if I was going off to my first day of school with a brand new teacher and I wanted to impress. Continue Reading →


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