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Pros and Cons of Being Social

I do not think that it is a secret that I am a social creature. I love to talk, I love to hear what is going on with my friends and I love to learn. These are not just things that I like to do. As I look through my news feed on Facebook or timeline on Twitter, I am sometimes amazed with just how social and revealing other people really are.

Sometimes my family gasps about what I reveal online. They think that I really put myself out there when it comes to social media. Then again, they think that I really put myself out there offline too. I actually like that because it means that I am consistent and that in both cases, I am being my authentic self. Continue Reading →


Charlie Sheen: What About Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeve?

This is the post that I REALLY did not want to write. Nobody is forcing me to write it but I feel compelled to speak my mind about the topic of Charlie Sheen in the news and on social media. Charlie Sheen has been VERY hard to avoid with his tweets, countless stories in magazines, multiple interviews on television and many Facebook fan pages popping up.

Over the course of the past week to ten days, my opinion of “The Charlie Sheen Show” has gone through quite a transformation. I watched one interview of him and I even posted a clip of that interview on my own Facebook page because it seemed so outlandish to me. I did not realize that the interview was only the beginning, though. As his behavior began to spiral downwards Continue Reading →


Affiliate Marketing and your Brand

I want to talk a little bit about affiliate marketing because it has been floating through my mind quite a bit lately. Every single day I notice that affiliate marketing products and opportunities appear in my news feed on Facebook and in my timeline on Twitter. New affiliate programs are emerging all the time.

I am often contacted personally about these products and opportunities. Affiliate marketing has definitely appealed to the eyes and interest of many individuals and it has become a popular form of supplemental income for many people I know. In fact, I also know a handful of people who use affiliate marketing as their sole source of income. Continue Reading →


National Grammar Day!

Today, March 4, is National Grammar Day! If you have been reading my blog then you probably know that I love writing about grammar and etiquette. I see grammatical errors all the time; they tend to jump out at me. I happen to think that every day should be National Grammar Day but I am glad that the “holiday” has been established. I am hopeful that it will start to garner some more attention and that it will encourage people to take a closer look at the use of language.

We have opportunities every day to brush up on grammar and I think that there is no better time than the present to seize an opportunity! In honor of National Grammar Day, I would like to share a few grammar tips with you. Continue Reading →


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