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Identity Theft via Social Media

For the past several years, my Mom, Barbara Huston, has been marketing pre-paid legal policies and identity theft protection and restoration plans. She is very passionate about what she does and I have really enjoyed watching the transformations that she has been making since she entered the business. During the past few years, she has learned a lot about the various types of identity theft and she stays current on the industry that tries to prevent it. She is extremely skilled and savvy at explaining what she does so that other people become inspired to protect themselves.

Over time, my Mom has also started embracing social media Continue Reading →


Ask Me Monday – Edition 15

We are here again at another week of Ask Me Monday! Thank you all, as always, for submitting your questions. Additionally, thank you for your comments on my blog, emails and posts on my Facebook fan page in response to my answers. Interaction from you lets me know that I am on the right track with writing content that YOU WANT!

Due to Hurricane Irene, this week’s Ask Me Monday is a little late. Few things are more frustrating for a Social Media Lifestylist than not having electricity. The loss of power means that I have not had use of a computer for days. I am very lucky that one of my clients invited me into her home to catch up Continue Reading →


How to Maximize your Social Media Connections

I often hear people who participate in social networking saying that they really do not understand the point of it or how it can help business or professionalism. Although comments like this are decreasing as the success of social media becomes more and more evident, I do know some people who are pretty tough sells. When I take a look at these people, I realize that they are in the right space but not in quite the right place. Let me explain.

So many people know that the social media space is very Continue Reading →


Natural Disaster and Social Media

As I was finishing up what I am calling Road Trip 2011 with my Mom yesterday, she was driving and I started scrolling through Twitter to see what my friends were up to. Imagine my surprise when my entire Twitter feed was full of information about an East Coast earthquake! It seemed hard for me to imagine, even though I have known my entire life that New Jersey rests on a fairly large fault. This piece of my road trip started in California. In my mind, THAT is where earthquakes happen. From my perspective, the East Coast neither expected this nor was prepared for it.

My Mom and I turned on the radio in the car to try to find Continue Reading →


Ask Me Monday – Edition 14

Thanks for checking back for another week of Ask Me Monday! This is my weekly feature where I answer the questions that YOU ask about social media and branding! No question is too small. If it is on your mind, I am more than happy to help you. Doing this question and answer post each week is one of my favorite parts of blogging.

If you have questions for me, please submit them via:

Q: I like the photos that you post on Instagram. Continue Reading →


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