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Using Social Media to Fund Flu Shot Vouchers

Everyone hears all the time about how social media is changing the world. People talk about how amazing Facebook is or how interesting Twitter is. In the past two years, we have been hearing more and more about what Foursquare, and networks like it, can do for businesses.

I happen to believe that using social media as a social program to benefit the greater good is under-emphasized. Many of us have voted through Facebook or Twitter for some cause or another to win some contest or another but social media has so much more power than that. I think that if brands understand that and trickle down their Continue Reading →


Ask Me Monday – Edition 19

Thanks for reading another edition of Ask Me Monday, my special weekly feature where I answer all of your questions about social media and branding. As I indicated in a blog post last week, Facebook has been making a lot of changes. I wrote that I was working on embracing the changes but that I did have some concerns. As I can tell from the questions that I received this week, other people have concerns about Facebook’s changes as well.

As usual, I reached out to my readers, followers and fans to see if anyone had any questions for this week’s Ask Me Monday blog post, suspecting that Facebook might be a hot topic. The following was a question Continue Reading →


Embracing Facebook Changes

I do not like change. I do not adjust to change well. I am a creature of habit and change tends to stress me out. A lot of people are this way and find change to be threatening. It puts us into situations that we do not find comfortable. Change forces us to step outside of our comfort zone and experience new things. Some people do happen to like this more than others. Me? I like dipping my feet in the waters and exploring change slowly. I do not like being thrown into it.

Last night I was thrown. Facebook lifted me up and chucked me right into change. There was no chance to dip my feet or to wade in slowly. One moment my Facebook world was clean and predictable and the next moment it was all kinds of mixed up. I did not react well. From what I understand Continue Reading →


Ask Me Monday – Edition 18

Here we are! It is another Monday and, thus, it is time for my weekly feature called Ask Me Monday. If you are a new blog reader then you might not know what Ask Me Monday is. Essentially, I gather questions that are asked of me (via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and answer them in this weekly blog post. If you are new to social media (or even if you are more seasoned), I love hearing your questions!

Q: What is the difference between a regular Facebook profile and a business page?

A: A Facebook profile allows you to add friends (and remove friends, if needed) via your Continue Reading →


My Blog Meets My Sister’s Classroom

A few nights ago, one of my sisters had back to school night at her school. My sister is an elementary school teacher and each year, she looks forward to starting school with new children and new parents. I know that she spends a lot of time preparing for back to school night and each year, I am sure, she makes a wonderful first impression on the parents whose children she will be teaching for the duration of the school year. How could the parents NOT think that she is wonderful? I am NOT biased here; my sister is, simply and undeniably, a wonderful teacher! She is kind and warm. She sets goals and boundaries. In a nutshell, she is “Teacher Extraordinarire.”

I have to remind myself right here that the point of this post Continue Reading →


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