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Social Media Lifestylist Guidelines for 2012

I have never been one to make resolutions because I do not believe that January 1 is a day unlike any other. Sure, it is the beginning of a new year but every day is the beginning of SOMETHING new, right? I think that resolutions can be made on any day and that, ideally, we should strive every day to be our best self. On some days it is easy and on some days it is harder. I do not fault anyone for having bad days and for letting their “resolutions” slide a bit. It happens to all of us.

Rather than resolutions, I like to think about entering each new year with a set of guidelines. They are different from rules in the sense that rules are stricter and less flexible. Guidelines are more along the lines of general suggestions. They can Continue Reading →


Once Upon a Wedding Announcement

I was on Google tonight. Big surprise, right? I spend a lot of time there so that isn’t the big news. As I sit here blogging, though, I have no recollection of what I was doing on Google. I know that I was searching. I know that I was probably doing something family-related. Then again, maybe it was Connecticut-related. I suppose it also could have been wedding-related (NOTE: I am NOT getting married at this time.).

That is how Google sometimes works for me. I think I feel about Google the way that my mother feels about Costco. Once you go in, you can find all kinds of wonderful things but then you occasionally forget why you are there. Does that sound familiar to anyone? I thought so.

Anyway, I was searching Google and I came across my┬ásister’s and brother-in-law’s wedding announcement. They were married in 2010 but Continue Reading →


Social Media from A to Z: Lessons from 2011

Although the year is not yet over and I am sure that there are more social media developments yet to come before 2012 arrives, I am taking this opportunity to write my second annual holiday post. During December of 2010, I wrote an end-of-the-year post called Social Media from A to Z: Lessons from 2010. As the title indicates, I wrote about the many things that I learned during the year.

I would like to continue the list and the tradition this year. As I sit here tonight, I am thinking about what I have learned (and from whom) during 2011. Prior to a few minutes ago, I was not planning on writing another A to Z post but, as a creature of habit, my heart and life is full of traditions. I think that it is Continue Reading →


Tales of my Facebook Timeline

As some of you may already know, Facebook is changing our profiles as we know them. Our Facebook Wall will look completely different in a few short days. As they switch us all over to a new format called “Timeline,” everything in our Facebook history will be searchable in a much quicker fashion.

When going to a friend’s Timeline, you will have the opportunity to look at particular months or just highlights of each year. The beginning of the Timeline is when your particular friend was BORN. We will now have the ability to retroactively add updates for certain milestones that occurred before Facebook was founded. For example, if you would like to go back in your Timeline and enter the dates of birth of Continue Reading →


My Modern Mom’s Birthday

My Mom’s birthday is coming up this weekend. In the interest of not getting harmed, I will not reveal her age in this blog post. It is not a “big” birthday, although, some might say that all birthdays in her age range are big. I am going to walk away from the age issue now and focus on other things. What IS big and exciting is her gift of choice this year.

My Mom seems to enjoy trying new technology (with a tutor, a.k.a. yours truly) and she absolutely loves to read. With so many e-readers and tablets on the market, she decided that for this birthday she wanted a gift of that genre from the family. She narrowed it down to either a Nook or a Kindle. One of my sisters is a Nook gal. I am a Kindle lady. There was a bit of an e-reader showdown. The showdown ended when my Mom turned my Kindle on Continue Reading →


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