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Celebrating a Birthday with Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Today is my birthday. I am one year older and I dislike it with an incredible passion. People say that getting one year older beats the alternative. Really? I have never understood that at all because I can think of an alternative that would beat getting older: getting younger. That option sounds really fabulous to me!

My work/social media career does not exactly have a birthday because it has been more of an evolution than an actual birth. However, on my birthday I will take the so-called wisdom that I now have since getting older and apply it to my business. Some of these pieces of advice are from me and some of them are from others who are older (I mean, wiser.) than I am.

  • “Life is too short and challenging to keep people who do not support you nearby. Create a distance with them and surround yourself Continue Reading →

Acknowledging Memorial Day via Social Media

Today, May 28, 2012, is Memorial Day in the United States of America. This day is a federal holiday and it serves as a day of remembrance for the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. It is an important day (in my opinion) and should be observed with reflection and thought. Many people think that our freedom is free. In reality, it is paid for through blood, sweat, tears and lives.

As I surf through my Facebook News Feed, I see many people making posts about Memorial Day and following up their sentiments with comments such as, “Now in true American fashion, I shall celebrate with a BBQ.” When did this happen? When did going to the beach, serving up hamburgers and having pool parties become our way of remembering our veterans who lost their lives while Continue Reading →


Proper Etiquette After Facebook Blocking

This post has been inspired by a woman who asked me a question about Facebook blocking via my Facebook fan page. The question was right up my alley and, as I have written a few posts about blocking people on Facebook, I thought that I would take the opportunity to bring this question (and my answer) to the attention of all of my readers.

This is the question that was written on my fan page:

“Question: Do you think it’s proper etiquette for a grown sibling and her 4 teenaged children to block you and your family on FB then invite you to family parties as if nothing is wrong? (By the way–I’ve declined Continue Reading →


Children and Instagram

Very recently, I was doing a search on Instagram, the photo-sharing social network, and I found the account of a friend’s child. Her pictures are adorable. They are mostly of the family pets, food and the ocean. Many of the pictures are out of focus and it is pretty clear that they were taken by a tween. She has close to 100 followers and follows about 150 other users. I do not know if all of these people are actual friends.

As I scroll through her images, some of them are actually pretty decent. I can tell that she is performing a balancing act of posting silly and funny images with applying genuine effort to her photography skills. Her mother and her mother’s boyfriend have commented on many of her pictures but they do not appear Continue Reading →


Facebook RSVP Etiquette

When I was a child, I got invited to many birthday parties, just as many of us did. The parents of the birthday boy or girl put a phone number at the bottom of the invitation and kindly requested replies. I am not sure whether or not my parents were the parents who RSVPed in the most timely fashion, but I know for certain that I never blew off a party. I also know for certain that, at least a few days before the party and if not sooner, the host/hostess of the party knew whether or not I would be attending.

As I have gotten older, I now take care of responding to event invitations on my own. My parents no longer RSVP for me (Thank goodness.). As time has passed, virtual invitations are becoming more and more common. I receive invitations through and through Facebook quite frequently. I Continue Reading →


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