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Happy Social Media Day 2012

Today, June 30, ┬áis Social Media Day! Social Media Day was created by Mashable and it is an annual event that honors new media. 2012 marks the third celebration of Social Media Day, a day on which social media enthusiasts get together F2F (Face-to-Face) to celebrate the world’s digital revolution. In cities around the world, people and organizations are holding Meetups to acknowledge the day.

While I was disappointed to find out that there was not a Social Media Day Meetup being hosted near me, I spent today “celebrating” social media, just as I do every day. I also spent today brainstorming ideas for next year’s Social Media Day because New Jersey will DEFINITELY be participating!

Participating in the digital revolution is something that is so Continue Reading →


Social Networks: Blend or Divide?

As an enthusiastic Instagram user, I am always ready and anxious to install updates as soon as they are released. When I first saw Instagram’s updates this week, I did not think too much of them. There are a few changes but I did not see anything that was overly exciting as far as photography is concerned. My first instinct (and hope), when I hear of an update, is usually to think that Instagram is making changes to their photo filters.

There were no filter changes but one feature that stands out for me with this update is that users can now turn on a setting that shares photo “likes” to their Facebook Timeline. At first, this did not seem like a big deal to me. However, many of my friends turned on this feature and my Facebook Ticker Continue Reading →


Creating Twitter Hashtags for Events

I spent the past few days attending a weekend-long event that had a very successful social media presence. The brand utilized Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and their own blog (among others sites, possibly) to market the event, which was actually a series of learning experiences such as seminars, demonstrations and excursions. They drew an impressive crowd and received fabulous reviews.

Of course, as I attended each class, I made sure to connect with other people who were participating via Twitter. I did this by using a hashtag (“#” sign) with the keyword that the brand designated as the event’s title. When you use a hashtag before a phrase on Twitter, you make it easy for Twitter to organize the tweets and they come up more easily in Twitter searches.

If I wanted to find out what other people were saying about Continue Reading →


The Importance of Content

When I start working with new clients, they often ask me what their blog should look like. They ask what colors their logo should be. They wonder what name they should choose for their business and what social media networks they should use for promotion of their product or service.

All of these are important factors to consider when working on a brand but the one thing that is generally mentioned last is content. As many of us know, content is king and it cannot be overlooked. It needs to be a top priority. Ultimately, it is content that will keep an audience wanting more. It is content that will turn fans into customers. It is content that will encourage customers to tell their friends about you. I cannot emphasize the importance of content enough.

It is by providing unparalleled content that you will become Continue Reading →


Engaging with Your Social Media Audience

I often get contacted by people who are seeking help with their social media strategies. I commonly hear that “Facebook doesn’t work.” or that “Twitter is useless.” Within a few moments of looking into their accounts, I generally see a common issue: the brand’s lack of engagement with a perfectly good audience.

Engagement is so very important when it comes to social media. It is what people ENJOY about social media. It is what makes social media different from old media. It is interactive and if a brand is going to have a successful social media campaign, the interaction is critical.

I have one client who did not realize that the posts that people wrote on her Facebook fan page’s timeline were meant to be answered. I Continue Reading →


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