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I am a huge Instagram fan. I love photography and I love sharing my pictures and experiences through this photo sharing app. I have been using the app for about a year on my iPhone. Over the year, I slowly noticed that my photography was improving, I was using more and more apps to edit my photos before uploading them to Instagram and my niche shifted. It has now become more specific.

Over the past few days, I have been deleting some of my early Instagram photos. As I have over 500, this has not been an easy task. I am finding it to be quite difficult and tedious. I have realized that if you want to delete any photo, you have to scroll back to the particular photo to delete it. After that, Instagram brings you back to your most recent picture. This is only a problem if you want to delete more than one picture from the past. When you are brought to your most recent photo you then have to scroll back in time and click delete again. Instagram shows you 16 of your photos at a time. Going back 400+ photos means clicking “Load more…” many, many times.

As I refine my photo skills and understand Instagram better, I really only want my best work on the platform now. I tweeted to my friend, Casey, about this the other night. He is very familiar with Instagram so I asked him if there was any way to delete multiple pictures at once. He replied that it could not be done and added that memories are not meant to be deleted. Oh, how I disagree! I definitely think that it is okay to delete some memories. I also tweeted my question to Instagram but have yet to hear back from them. I am hoping that they saw my tweet and will consider adding the option to delete more than one photo at once in a future upgrade.

Imagine wanting to delete a few things from 2009 from your Facebook Timeline, deleting one item and getting bumped back to current day after the deletion. If you wanted to delete something else, you would have to scroll all the way back to 2009 instead of just staying there and deleting the series of posts. It would be very time-consuming and perhaps even give you sensations of carpal tunnel syndrome! That is exactly what I am experiencing with Instagram.

This may or may not be of any relevance to you, my readers, but I wanted to mention it in case any of you decide that you ever want to delete anything. If you think that might be the case, only post your best stuff! Going forward, only really cool or symbolic (or cute!) photos of mine will go on Instagram. If I am not sure that I will want them on Instagram forever then I will probably create them on Instagram, save them in airplane mode and post them onto Facebook. I feel more comfortable with the way that I can control photos on Facebook. If I want to delete a photo or a handful of photos at a time, I can do so very easily. With airplane mode, you can save the photo without actually posting it to the Instagram platform. Try it!

I hope that you see some use in this tip and keep it in mind when sharing your photography! It just may save you a lot of time at some point in the future.

  • Alibelle55

    Did you hear back from instagram at all?

  • I wish I had! They never got back to me and I wound up deleting the hard way AND started an additional account!

  • sickerthnothers

    Super frustrating. I’m going through this now, scrolling down and down and down and down through 600 photos.

  • It’s very frustrating! I hope that Instagram will do something about this.

  • miissxana

    I have 1400 photos. I feel your pain!!!! 🙁

  • Lexihayes07

    have your heard back yet? i have over 2000 photos and i want like so many deleted !

  • I wish I could say that I’ve heard back but I haven’t. Thanks for the reminder, though. I’ll try contacting Instagram a different way!

  • Liveoutloud0777

    Ugh, i hope instagram chooses to do so 🙁 i have the same exact problem…. It sucks

  • julia

    if you wish to delete multiple photos at once, here’s an easy way: go back and “like” all your photos you want to delete, then click on the “photos I’ve liked” button and you will see all your pictures, then you can easily scroll through and delete them

  • Thank you! That was extremely helpful after an hour of going back, one picture at a time. My early days on Instagram… not so pretty.

  • so when i try to delete my photos, it won’t give me the option to “delete” . when i click on the three dots, it only gives me the options to “cancel” or “report inappropriate”

  • bailey

    I just sat for 1 hour and if it happened to show the screen with some older pictures i would quickly delete it. But i went from 700 photos to 160

  • Frustrated!

    I was really hoping that I would find an answer to this problem when I googled it but your post has confirmed what I didn’t want to be true! Thank you for what you have shared, I may try the liking all of the photos I want to delete option and see how that goes! Really need rid of some terrible photos :-/

  • Cass

    I just mentioned this to my husband that it is quite a job and I sometimes would like to repost a pic because I have squired new followers and once a pic in hundreds of pics down, nobody bothers to go down that far to look!!

  • Artur Simonian

    I had like 970 pictures and I’m still deleting, I’m at 920. I really hope they get this together and make necessary updates. Facebook purchased instagram and they are going to end up messing this up too!

  • SIz

    I have this problem to but guess what! I spent my entire weekend deleting over 900 photos! I literally go not sleep friday just from deleting about 200 of my old photos! It’s a real pain in the who-who!

  • casey!

    we should all follow each other!!

  • Rani

    i have the same problem, i have over 900 photos and want to delete so many! when i first pictures werent that good but over the year i have been getting better and better and i hate having to go right to the bottom and being right back to the top again 🙁 its so fustrating and i wish that they would make a solution for this! You are now able to reach instagram on a computer or laptop and go onto your account. You cannot add photos and I have tried finding the delete button on photos but cannot find it! maybe this will give you some help? if you find a solution with this please reply. I am desperate to know! Thank you for your help though.

  • VeLL

    I’ve been waiting for this answer forever. hopefully we’ll all get something soon from IG. Especially now that FB is controlling it, they should give us more freedom with our photos.

  • Erik

    This “story” is highly unclear, full of off topic announcements, like stuff you like and do.. I am a lost googler who wants too deleted multiple pictures on his Instagram, you say to have a tip for us. And you need a 8000 words too make no sense. Scroll back in time most recent then go back And Instagram Showshow 16 more.. I mean what are you talking about. Instead off giving us a example what a dog and a child look like on Instagram, take screenshot and make a walkrough

  • Gmr83

    Hi Lauren, have you heard back from IG?! I’m having a similar problem and as you said it was quite tedious!

  • instagram_user_666

    Have you heard back yet?

  • karolina

    where is the “photos ive liked” button?

  • What kind of phone are you using?

  • What kind of phone are you using?

  • Unfortunately, I haven’t. I’m sorry!

  • I’m sorry. I haven’t heard back from Instagram.

  • That’s very true. Good point! I think that if you really like an image, you can repost it after some time. Why not? You might want to write that it’s a repost in your comment/caption.

  • What kind of phone are you using?

  • @soteeoh

    Hey I just stumbled across this post as I was having the same problem. the work around that I found (thats sort of effective) is to log onto instagram through your browser, select all the photos you want to delete, create a unique tag that has not been used on instagram yet (like just a random sequence of numbers), and tag all the photos you want to delete with this tag. then go back onto instagram on your phone and search up your tag and all the photos you want to delete will appear in one feed, then you can just delete them one by one but at least you dont have to scroll and search.
    hope this helps


  • Emma

    I can’t find the photos I’ve liked button

  • ecw

    have you heard back yet? i have so many to delete yet even doing the liking thing takes forever!

  • How do I get to the page of photos I have liked?

  • What kind of phone are you using? I have an iPhone & I click on the settings wheel & then click on “Photos You’ve Liked”. Does that work for you?

  • monique hernandez

    please make a deleting app.

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