Happy Social Media Day 2012

Today, June 30,  is Social Media Day! Social Media Day was created by Mashable and it is an annual event that honors new media. 2012 marks the third celebration of Social Media Day, a day on which social media enthusiasts get together F2F (Face-to-Face) to celebrate the world’s digital revolution. In cities around the world, people and organizations are holding Meetups to acknowledge the day.

While I was disappointed to find out that there was not a Social Media Day Meetup being hosted near me, I spent today “celebrating” social media, just as I do every day. I also spent today brainstorming ideas for next year’s Social Media Day because New Jersey will DEFINITELY be participating!

Participating in the digital revolution is something that is so enmeshed in my life that I do not even think about it anymore. It has become a part of my lifestyle and it comes naturally to me.

Without putting much thought into it, the following list is a compilation of the ways that I used social media today:

  • Updated Facebook fan pages
  • Updated personal Facebook profile when I decided to make a few changes to my privacy settings
  • Tweeted content to followers
  • Retweeted content
  • Replied to tweets
  • Posted pictures on Instagram (and connected the images to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Posterous and Foursquare)
  • Tagged an image for an Instagram contest
  • Checked-in at Foursquare venues
  • Cleaned out my TwitPic account (Yes, it needed a little tidying.)

None of these items were on a “to do list.” They were all things that I did throughout the day and doing them felt innate to me. They are things that I do, out of habit, very often. I suppose that every day is Social Media Day to me!

How did you celebrate Social Media Day? Did you engage in online activities? Did your city host a Meetup?


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