Motherhood and Social Media

Back in March, I wrote a blog post about babies and social media. My post went into detail about the decision of my friends, who were brand new parents, to keep Facebook updates about their newborn to a minimum. As I said in March, the new Mom, Monika de Myer, put up a tasteful announcement on her photography blog. Both parents added the birth of their daughter as a life event to their Facebook Timelines. There was a lot of excitement in their lives but you would not have known it by looking at their activity on their Facebook profiles.

From my perspective, things have changed just a little bit since the baby’s birth. The baby has made a handful of appearances in pictures on Monika’s blog, with a few posts being entirely devoted to the moments in her daughter’s life that have been captured in photos. I am pretty sure that the baby is going to be a little Instagram star one of these days because it is hard not to “like” the IG pictures that feature her.

That said, when it comes to social media, Monika is a lot more understated than many people about her new role as a mother. She has stayed pretty true to the points that she made when I visited her in the mother/baby unit of the hospital after her delivery.

  1. My friend has not lost her own self, especially as a photographer, since the birth of her daughter. In fact, I see this dimension of my friend growing.
  2. My friend has not inundated her social media connections with baby news.
  3. My friend has remained very conscious of her privacy and posts with discretion.
  4. My friend has not let her baby take over her blog. I suspect that the urge to post more photos might be there but she keeps a healthy balance of blog topics. With a gorgeous new subject to photograph and wonderful photography skills, I can see how it would be hard to decide which photos NOT to post!

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that Monika has been doing a lot of blogging. The photos that she has been putting up have been amazing and I always admire her posts. In fact, she has inspired me to focus more time on my own photography! I have noticed that Monika is doing a fantastic job at showcasing her craft during the “down times” of infancy.

As I thought about this, I realized that Monika is doing exactly what I would do; she is using social media as a way to nurture herself as she, simultaneously, nurtures her little one. Monika is very lucky to have a passion (her camera!) that can go with her wherever she goes. This makes it possible for Monika to stay connected with her favorite hobby.

You might be wondering what Monika is doing online if only a fraction of her posts are devoted to her daughter. While Monika’s daughter is certainly an immense part of her life and identity, she shares photos from many different aspects of her life. A few examples are:

  1. Adventures in life: Sure, Monika has posted baby photos. However, a blog about a walk with her daughter might contain a sprinkling of pictures of her daughter but handfuls of images of the flowers, trees and other natural sights that Monika spots on their stroll. Little outings to the main street of a nearby town can turn into a photography field trip and I love seeing Monika’s posts that capture the day-to-day beauty of our neighborhoods.
  2. Adventures in decorating: This might seem like an odd statement but there can beĀ more to having a baby (in terms of photography) than the baby. Monika has taken marvelous shots of her baby’s nursery. The personal touches and fine detail that she applied to the room are creatively displayed on her blog. Sharing a glimpse of her life with her audience surely inspires other moms (and dads!) who are about to start decorating.
  3. Adventures of past adventures: This is one of my favorite topics! So many of us have photos that are uncategorized. They are either stored in boxes, on memory cards or in our computers. Monika is doing a exquisite job at putting her photos together into stunning photo posts. She is digitally scrapbooking photos of vacations and weekend getaways that, until now, remained unseen.

I encourage you all to take a look at Monika’s site so that you, too, can take part in her photographic adventures of parenting, vacationing and day-to-day living through social media!

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