Mother’s Day and Social Media

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and, around the Internet, people are already observing the holiday. I would like to write a bit about the topic of Mother’s Day and social media. I have seen several posts about Mother’s Day on Facebook and I have seen many tweets about it on Twitter. Social media is a great way to express our appreciation for motherhood but I wonder about its impact on the real meaning of the holiday.

Is Mother’s Day (and all holidays, for the matter) the same now that we can express our sentiments virtually?

While I love reading about how people appreciate their mother/mothers, I wonder if this has detracted from phone calls, get-togethers and celebrations with a more personal touch. Are people using social media as a SUBSTITUTE for “in real life” communication about their appreciation and respect?

As a social media enthusiast, I will undoubtedly wish my mother a Happy Mother’s Day on Facebook. In fact, I already have. However, that does not take the place of the gift I will give her. As I “claim” all of the tech-related gifts, we will go shopping and get her a new iPad case. Social media will not replace the card that I will write for her. It most certainly will not mean that I will not share a fun brunch with her. I may use social media to enhance the holiday but I will not use it as my sole way of acknowledging it.

I talk incessantly about using social media to share thoughts and sentiments but today my message is different.

Pick up the phone. Call your mother. Better yet, visit her with a bouquet of flowers (or whatever gift you choose). Tell her how you feel in a way that is more personal than a tweet. Although many mothers are on Facebook, if they are any bit like mine, I know that they will appreciate the personal connection and enjoy the special appreciation from their child/children. A wall post or Facebook email may be kind and sweet but, in my opinion, it does not say, “I love you.”

I hope that you all (Moms, expectant-Moms, dog-Moms and someday-Moms) experience family, warmth and happiness tomorrow!

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  • Diana

    I hope people are not using social media to wish their moms a happy mothers day, this should be an done by person on the phone, with gifts etc. its a special day to be thankful so I hope people stick to the traditional way!

  • Mom

    Being your mother is sooo special to me.  I am glad that we will acknowledge that in person tomorrow, but I feel grateful everyday.  xoxoxo

  • BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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