Questions and Answers about Facebook

Last week, I spent an afternoon working with a client on the social media accounts for her business. The topic of conversation switched to her personal accounts, and we paid special attention to some Facebook issues that she was experiencing. My client had a lot of questions and had some confusion that developed when she followed, what she thought were, Facebook’s terms of agreement and rules.

We sat together for the afternoon and sorted through everything until her account was exactly the way that she wanted it. One of her fears was that she would change something in her settings, not know exactly what she had done and then not be able to change it back so we talked through each of the Facebook questions that were on her mind.

I am putting the work that I did with her into a question and answer format here with the hope that it will help other readers. Facebook can be tricky and it is not intuitive for everyone. For people (like my client) who do not sign into Facebook too often, it can be very overwhelming, especially when trying to use it for business.

Q: I started a personal page. When I started my business page, I thought that I had to start a new account so now I have two personal accounts. How do I get rid of one of the personal accounts without losing any friends?

A: First of all, make sure that the account that you want to keep is an Admin. of your business page. Once you are sure of that, stay in the account that you want to keep, do a search (in Facebook) for the account that you want to delete, look at the friend list and make sure that you are friends with all of the people listed. If there are people with whom you are not friends, add them as a friend on the account that you want to keep. Once all of the people have accepted your friend request, you will be all set to delete the extra account. In the meantime, do not confuse people by posting from the other account. Pretend that it does not exist. At this time, Facebook does not offer a way to consolidate two personal accounts.

Q: Sometimes people tag me in photos that are unflattering or unnecessary. Can I prevent that?

A: Yes. I have my preferences set so that when people tag me in images, they need my approval in order for the tag to appear. I also have it set so that people need my approval to tag my images. If you are concerned about tagged photos and do not want tagged images to be posted on your Timeline without approval, you can change your settings. Click the down arrow that is on the upper right corner of your Facebook Home screen. From there, click on “Privacy Settings.” Look at the second option, which says “Timeline and Tagging” and click “Edit Settings.” Make sure that all of the questions are answered properly and then click “Done.” “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline” should be set to “On.”

Q: I have two accounts and I didn’t know if both could use the exact same name. One is my full name and the other is my, more commonly used, nickname. When I delete the second account, can I change it so that my name on the account that I keep is my nickname since that is how people know me?

A: Yes, you can change your first name on Facebook. Just next to the “Home” button on your Facebook Home page, there is a little down arrow. Click on that and then click on “Account Settings.” That will take you to your “General Account Settings” and the first piece of information that you can edit is your name.

I love receiving questions like these and being able to talk people through their Facebook challenges. Please let me know if this post helped you and, as always, feel free to send me your social media questions!

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